2020 - 2021

Domestic Nature [Yo2]

Dare to design what we dream away from norms and forms; this is the spirit behind Yo2 creations and that was the basis of this new collaboration. CTRLZAK took this spirit a bit further infusing it with meaning and in this particular case aiming to create awareness regarding issues of extinction caused by human activities. CTRLZAK created three collections of carpets and a series of special iron cast functional artworks following the studio’s ongoing research on the subject.

ctrlzak - Coral loss | CTRLZAK

A series of carpets that investigates the wonderful nature of corals and their terrible fate.
Designed for Yo2

ctrlzak - Future corals | CTRLZAK

Future corals.

ctrlzak - Present corals | CTRLZAK

Present corals.

ctrlzak - Past corals | CTRLZAK

Past corals.

ctrlzak - Reckon figures | CTRLZAK ctrlzak - Reckon figures | CTRLZAK

The decoration of the carpet immortalises and consecrates a passage, which took place under our feet.

ctrlzak - Reckon figures | CTRLZAK

Skeletons belonging to extinct species emerge from the pattern of the Reckon Figures carpets. Designed for Yo2

ctrlzak - Domestic Nature | CTRLZAK ctrlzak - Domestic Nature | CTRLZAK

A domestic natural camouflage that follows the traditional rug designs emphasizes the need to reconnect with nature.

ctrlzak - Invisible | CTRLZAK ctrlzak - Invisible | CTRLZAK

Beyond our normal vision, invisible traces of minuscule entities coexist within each and every carpet.

ctrlzak - Invisible | CTRLZAK ctrlzak - Invisible | CTRLZAK

Dust that deposits on a rug is composed of tiny fragments of food, paper, glass fibers, and even skin scales.

ctrlzak - Invisible | CTRLZAK ctrlzak - Invisible | CTRLZAK