Hybrid World [Seletti]

The Hybrid project is a consideration on how our diverse historical cultures can help us create a meaningful common future.
Starting from a collection of tableware reflecting on the traditional production of Chinese and European porcelain and its’ centuries of cross-fertilisation, the project has grown to encompass more paradigms and cultures. The newest addition to the collection examines the sad history of European colonization across the globe illustrating the differences and similarities between the ancient cultures that were invaded and the Europeans themselves.
In order to illustrate in a more direct manner the meticulous research undertaken by CTRLZAK studio, the Hybrid World expansion was divided in three main couples pairing India with England, a selection of African nations with France and Central America with the Spanish kingdoms.
The Hybrid project looks once more to the past proposing a collection able to transcend geographical and political borders in order to create a new hybrid culture for our future.

ctrlzak - Hybrid World | CTRLZAK ctrlzak - Hybrid World | CTRLZAK

Preview during maison&object 2020.

ctrlzak - Hybrid World | CTRLZAK ctrlzak - Hybrid World | CTRLZAK ctrlzak - Hybrid World | CTRLZAK