Hybrid Glasses [Seletti]

The Hybrid project explores the relationship between two of the largest human cultures; the Chinese and the European. In this case we focused on a new material: glass. The pieces in the collection are divided between east and west with a golden line marking the boundary between the two styles and, paradoxically, strengthening at the same time the union. The European half is denoted by an elaborate glass relief, which changes from piece to piece, representing the main stylistic expressions of glass working in Europe in the last centuries. On the other hand the Chinese parts represent typical decorative themes found on Chinese objects of the kind, although they were usually applied on porcelain. Glass was introduced relatively late in China due to the extensive use of ceramic and metal while in Europe the art of glass making flourished, especially during the renaissance period. The end result is diverse objects which place emphasis on the strengths of each culture producing a new hybrid reality.

ctrlzak - Hybrid Glasses ctrlzak - Hibrid Glasses 33cl ctrlzak - ctrlzak - CTRLZAK Hybrid High Glasses Narrative ctrlzak - ctrlzak -

photo by Gnambox

ctrlzak - CTRLZAK Hybrid Glasses Narrative ctrlzak -

photo by Alessandro Zaccaro