On Paper
For the exhibition 1:13 on the famous masterpiece The Last Supper, by Leonardo Da Vinci, 13 designers were called to look beyond the scene and imagine the thirteen -never seen before- seats of Jesus and the Apostles. Each designer gave his own interpretation of the symbolic connection between one of the Saints and his chair. CTRLZAK Studio was asked to work on the chair of saint Bartholomew.
CTRLZAK presents in an audacious manner, inside the context of a metaphorical representation of the last supper, a chair that makes reference to the apostle Bartholomew and the role of the catholic church in general.

The circumstances under which he died, flayed by pagans, forms the inspiration of the project; historically the apostle is depicted with a knife in one hand (an allusion to the torture suffered) and on the other his empty flayed skin. The artwork is a bi-dimensional interpretation of an object usually perceived in three dimensions, translated in a very symbolic and personal way.

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